Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fleeing Princess

My golden dress wrapped my body in a silken beauty. A beauty I believed could only belong to a noble princess. Silently it fluttered around my ankles gently brushing them in the wind. I couldn’t feel anything but joy that radiated from my every pore. My lips were permanently curved into a smile. The reason walked in through the doors. I felt my eyes light up as I looked at the handsome man that would soon be my husband.  My feet pulled me toward you and my heart only soared as our hands met. Within the next hour I’d be yours always and forever. Gracefully you guided me into a room that was filled with the most precious people of my life. I hugged each and every one rubbing off some of the joy that now overwhelmed my eyes. Feeling that gentle sting I quickly dabbed at the tears that followed. As the lights dimmed my heart ached to be by your side. Longingly I searched the room for your face. My heart leaped when you took me by the hand and led me to our seats. Toasts began and people poured out all they had into beautiful words of praise. This perfect day was exactly what I have dreamed of my entire life. I turned to look at you but the joy that held my smile faded when I saw your worried eyes, as if you were about to jump through a fiery hoop. My lips sagged with dread. Swiftly I moved my lips to your ear to ask “Are you ready to marry me?” Pulling back to show him my smile I saw only fear in his face. My heart began to pound when I heard your reply “I don’t know.” My hands began to tremble as the room began to spin. Politely I excused myself and retreated to the bathroom where I peered into strange eyes. A Beautiful girl wearing a golden dress stared into my emerald eyes. I reached up to touch the mirror to reassure myself that it was truly me. No joy danced in those eyes. No love warmed her cheeks and no smile held my lips. Your words echoed in my mind. “I don’t know” Over and over I saw your dreading eyes and that short reply. The dawning of my wedding day now faded into dusk. I knew the light would soon be gone, fear and pain would only accompany me through the night. I knew what I had to do. I wiped the stream of tears that flowed down my cheeks. A black smear marked where the river had been. I clenched my hands into fists feeling the pain digging into my palm. I walked bravely back to you. But I did not sit. Soon all eyes were gazing at that black smear revealing why I had left. “I cannot marry you.” Spoke a brave woman in a golden dress. Those emerald eyes refused to look into his but instead they led her out the door and down the hall. In a flash this woman threw off her heels and began to run. I watched from above as this princess fled into the night leaving those golden shoes that would not be picked up by a handsome prince. No one would follow and yet she ran. A familiar face grabbed her arm and then she was enveloped in an embrace. Tears poured and burned. Sobs racked her body. All the while this dear friend held her. Soon her eyes that were blurred by the tears drooped and fell into a darkness that took over. I knew no joy would come. No happiness was waiting. My perfect day was gone. All the while I pleaded Dear Lord what have I done?

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