Monday, January 30, 2012


I held your hand tightly
I embraced you romantically
I've felt your gentle kiss
We've danced in the darkness
With no one to see but the stars
You've healed all my old scars
Every time I've seen your face
All my hope rejuvenates
But those were wonderful dreams
Free of all of realities evil schemes

The Unseen Forces

They swim through the trees
Leaving a whistle in their wake

They dance upon the waters
Kissing the surface in every step

They run along the raging rivers
spitting dust into the white waters

They speak in a silent whisper
That only your heart can feel

They glow brightly among the stars
Trying to bring light to our world

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Perfect blood dripped to the Earth
Leaving the vicious scar of murder
Only Solution to our curse
An innocent man went further
For redemption of our souls
Our Holy Father sent his best
To fill judgments merciless holes
His love burns hot within my chest

How Can I Forget

How can I forget
The blood that scarred the earth
How can you forget
The nails that pierced those innocent hands
How can we forget
The whip that tore his precious flesh
How can they forget
The perfect life that was taken
How can I forget
It was all for me.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Venom drips from my lips
Hatred hardens my heart
Bitterness poisons my blood
Nothing left but to

Spit out the venom
Soften my bruised heart
Suck out the poison
But I'll still be damaged

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Single Tear

Single Tear
This single tear fell from my eye leaving a burning trail behind. Knowing it will only be the guide to thousands more. I buried my face into my pillow. Only to hide the pain that single tear shows. Knowing it screams regret and turmoil. Fearing you will see that single tear I force you to leave, for the others are not far behind it. A single kiss followed that single tear. Now it is joined with a single scream and a single beat of pain.


What pain is this? The pain I feel inside. Is it the fear of losing you? Is it the lack of your arms around me? Or is it the lack of faith I have in us? Is it the doubt that fills my mind? Or could it possibly be my heart breaking? No this pain I feel is the pain I caused you. It is the pure agony you show. It is the purity of your kiss and the lack of your love I will miss. This pain is the pain you left behind.